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Elite Physique is the Ontario division of Brian and Donna Logue's Body By 24-7. We pride ourselves in the fact that we immerse ourselves in all aspects of our clients' dieting experience. We feel that it is this "in the trenches approach" which serves our athletes the best.

As competitors we understand how important it is to have a competent trainer. We strive to approach our clients’ goals as we would approach our personal goals. When you work with us you not only gain our experience but also the vast knowledge and experience of Brian and Donna Logue. We bring to the table a combined group effort which serves to bring out the best in you!

I have been involved in bodybuilding for more than 25 years. I have competed several times most notably winning the overall trophy at the 2001 Kingston Championships and the overall trophy at the 2002 Eastern Ontario Championships. Since then I have represented Ontario on the National stage three times. In 2002, I graduated with a BA Hons Kinesiology with English degree from the University of Western Ontario. I am currently employed within the health supplement industry and manage numerous accounts in Eastern Ontario.

My wife, Michelle, has won the overall trophies at the 2000 Stratford Championships, the 2001 Western Ontario Championships and the 2003 Ontario Championships. As a result of her dominating performance at the Provincials she was featured in Muscle Mag International. Michelle has also represented Ontario on the National stage and internationally at the Arnold Classic IFBB Amateur Championships.

Please check out our "Success Stories" page and allow our clients to convey their experiences with Elite Physique. We've worked successfully with many clients from all walks of life. Beginner bodybuilders and figure athletes to competitors on the National stage, general weight loss for weddings to extreme body makeovers - we've successfully guided many to achieve their dreams! Sign up now, commit to the Elite Physique lifestyle and make your dreams a reality.

Yours in health,

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