I’m certain you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat to read about the damage I did during my Mexican excursion as well as the strategies to rapidly accelerate my body to the previous week’s condition.  Wait no more…here it is!
We got home late Monday so the official weigh-in was on Tuesday AM and I couldn’t wait to see what the scale would reveal.  Yep, the number didn’t look good.  I had gained 19 lbs but they were 19lbs of marvelous Mexican buffet memories.  Meh.  Let’s look at the gain logically…some of it was fat but much of it was water.  Typically, it takes me about 4 days to see a water drop when coming off a cheat day so I don’t expect this to be much different.  With a focused effort, I set a plan in motion to get the weight back down within 2 weeks (if not sooner).

The Plan – An Overview


I actually did cardio while I was away at the resort but cardio was immediately ramped up this week.   A typical cardio session would include the treadmill set at incline level 3 and at speed 3-3.2.  I may vary a little bit but not by much.  I did that in Mexico and that programming continued when I got home.  I went right back to 2 x 30 minute sessions per day.  The only difference is I pulled out 3 sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM) and added in 3 x Prowler pushing HIIT sessions.  These really kick my ass.  I actually feel like I’ve run a marathon for the 2 days following this torture session.  As I get more accustomed to these mini-marathons the never ending feelings of complete depletion become less and less noticeable.


Workouts went from the typical 5 on 2 off (1 body part per workout) to 4 on 1 off.  The new split resembled this structure:

Monday – Chest and Triceps
Tuesday – Back and Biceps
Wednesday – Delts, Calves and Abs
Thursday – Legs
Friday – OFF
Saturday – Repeat

Dirty Dieting

Stims and other Fat Burning Agents

Right away I started my ECN stack.  Ephedrine initially was set at 16mg with caffeine at 200mg.  Nicotine gum was dosed at 1mg.  This fat loss stack was consumed 3 times per day.  Injectable L-Carnitine (400mg) with 2-3 iu Humalog was employed once per day prior to my morning cardio session.  Yohimbine HCL was set a little low at 18mg and was used for my evening cardio session.  I structured my meals so that this dose was far enough away from food to be beneficial.  Yohimbine HCL really ramps me up so this amount was enough to soak a few t-shirts.

Let’s cut it here for this installment.  Next time around I’ll detail the diet I followed and I’ll also reveal the results.  Did it all work out as planned?  Keep following to find out!