A  common belief in the physique industry is that the coach makes the client look good.  We think the opposite.  We can’t stress enough that it’s really the client who makes coach look good.  And we see this fact everyday!  Our clients’ transformations are a reflection of their hard work.  Simply stated…they do all the heavy lifting.  We are certainly blessed to have some amazing clients but even more humbled that many of our clients become our close friends!  Here is a small sampling of the testimonials and thank-you’s that we’ve received from our Team!  We couldn’t be more proud.

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I would not be in the condition I’m in today if it wasn’t for you two. I know you guys say “it’s all you buddy”, however it’s not. I might be doing all the heavy lifting but your instruction and knowledge on diet is more important I might have the discipline to follow that diet, but at the end of the day, I have you, my coaches, who I’m held accountable to. You two are an integral part of my training regimen and overall, key players in my success at being an athlete.

No matter where I place today I am victorious in a 3-month prep. Therein lies the real contest and I have you two to thank for getting me here. It’s awesome having you guys in my corner. You really care about the sport and most of all about your clients. People with the best coaches get the best results!

Thanks so much you two.

Rob C.

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We are so thankful to you both in our life! You two are such an amazing team and have helped both of us grow so much. We appreciate your love and guidance.


Oscar and Michelle

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Thank you again Dan and Michelle for putting up with me for the last 20 weeks, especially the last 2. It was an awesome journey and I did pretty well at my first Provincial show and I have you guys to thank for it! Lots of work to be done still for a 2019 appearance at either Nationals or Provincials again, but as long as I have you guys coaching me, I’ll be able to further the improvement of my body! Thank you again, can’t wait to get started on an off-season!

Anthony T.

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Well momma, it came and went and I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to help me with this journey.

Yours and Dan’s knowledge is just incredible. I know I probably wasn’t the easiest client, with all of my questions, but as you came to realize, I need those answers so that I could be the workhorse that I was. Thank you for increasing my nutrition and cardio education…it is going to help a ton moving forward into my maintenance program.

Making the decision to work on myself and become not only physically but mentally stronger has been so rewarding, and I thank you again for being a part of this process.

Melanie A.

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Thank you for always standing by me and being great friends and coaches.


Darryl F.

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You guys always give it your all when it comes to coaching and prepping. You love what you do … and it shows.

I will try to work my hardest to show you that I appreciate all you do for me. You guys are great coaches and great friends. I love the whole transformation process. Hope it shows!!!

Jamie H.

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Another prep, another show, another year with you in my corner.

I can’t even begin to verbalize the gratitude that I have for you and all that you have done.

You’re one of the strongest and toughest women that I know. You go through life and its challengers with a smile, grace and witty remarks. Know that we will always have your back, and you will have our full trust. Regardless of how I place in Provincials, you’ve helped me with my best package to date.  Love you to the moon!

Gail H.

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Thanks for being real! Thanks for being a friend! Thanks for being one awesome coach! On to phase 2 buddy!!!


Dave B.

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Thank you for an amazing prep. I really couldn’t get through this process without all your help. I mean this from the heart you are my fitness guru. I feel so honored to have yourself and Michelle in both my and Gail’s lives.

Looking forward to the show, but looking forward to hanging out with you after to rest and share a high protein steak.

Thanks for everything.

Mark H.

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Thank you for supporting and guiding me in the right direction. Having you in my life has been such a blessing, and I truly have no words to express my gratitude.


Mary S.

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Well we did it one more time!!! I could not have done this without such amazing coaches and friends that I have in both of you. The change you have made in both our lives is so amazing!!

Your friendship and guidance mean more that you will ever know.

Jim P.

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Thank you so much for help me become a new stronger me! It is hard to describe how much I am thankful for both your guidance and endless knowledge!!! Thanks for having patience with me and believing that I could do this! I am truly grateful. Thank you so much!!

Denise P.

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Words cannot describe how thankful we both are to have you as Coaches, but also for you friendship and constant support.

We both feel extremely blessed to have you in our lives. We love you guys so much.

Lori and Alessandro

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You guys are amazeballs!!!  We can’t thank you both enough for help us through this amazing journey.  Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into coaching us. It was only due to your patience persistence and your never giving up on us that helped us do as well as we did.  We truly admire both your achievements, success, professionalism, dedication, knowledge and most importantly your passion.  Thank you for your guidance and continuing support.

Nimo and Darren


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