Allmax Carbion Rice Krispy Carb-up Treat

The Perfect Carb-Up

This month is Allmax month and we’re featuring Carbion! Allmax Carbion is a multi-complex carb formula with electrolytes and a max absorption complex. The formula and bottle have changed since we first put up this post but the info and recipe still remain relevant.  In this episode we detail a killer carb-up option for contest day. We employ this strategy for all our carb-ups.  Check out our recipe for Carbion Rice Krispy Carb-Up Treats. This easily digestible carb source is the perfect carb prior to hitting the stage.  It’s a great way to top up and fill out.  Not only that,  the influx of carbs is sure to pop your veins and give you energy for the posedown!  Put down those damn low carb rice cakes and grab our Carbion Rice Krispy Carb-Up Treats…your flat muscles will thank you!  

Pro Tip – Carbion Rice Krispy Carb-Up Treat are the exact treat we give our clients on show day!

Quick and easy Allmax Carbion Rice Krispy Carb-Up Treat recipe:

Ingredients Needed:

1 scoop Allmax Carbion
4 cups Rice Krispies or PC Crispy Rice cereal
3 cups Mini Marshmallows
1/4 cup unsalted butter


Heat pot with medium heat.
Add butter and heat until melted.
Pour in mini Marshmallows and stir until completely liquidfied.
Take 1 scoop of Allmax Carbion and pour it into the mixture and stir until combined evenly with the marshmallows.
Finally add in Rice Krispies. Remove from heat. Stir until even.

Pour mixture into Pam sprayed glass pan. Even out the mixture so that you can cut equally sized squares.

Store in the refrigerator and take with you to your show.

Eat, enjoy and carb-up!

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